Great Tit

Max supply: NFTs

The great tit is a small passerine bird in the family Petroicidae, the Australasian robins.

Painted NFTs

Collection of four beautiful watercolors depicting bird species: Great Tit, Kingfisher, Tawny Owl and Europen Green Wodpecker.

all of them hand-painted by Robert M. Jurga.

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Collect our first NFT - The Great Tit.

Painted NFTs roadmap

Our idea is to create an organization that buys exclusive rights of real artworks to publish them as NFT. Here you can find our roadmap: from validation to transformation to DAO.

January 2022

Validate the Painted NFT idea.

Do people want to buy hand-painted NFTs? Let's find out by releasing our first NFT.

Q1 2022

Painted Birds Collection drop.

It's time to release rest of the collection on custom ERC-721 contract.

Q2 2022

Building the NFT Art Gallery.

After validation, it will be time to start building new contracts and the platform itself.

Q3 2022

NFT Art Gallery Launch.

Purchasing the rights to the first works and launching the platform: decentralized art gallery.

Q3/Q4 2022

Turn Painted NFTs into a DAO.

We firmly believe that it is art lovers who should influence the future of Painted NFTs.


Great Tit

Max supply: NFTs

More to come in Q1 2022

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